Midwifery Landscape and Future Directions for CPMs

Briefing papers photo for websiteNACPM has prepared this series of briefing papers and recommendations, Midwifery Landscape and Future Directions for CPMs, designed to answer questions and engage midwives in further conversations about the future of the profession.

In the United States today there is an urgent need to make the benefits of midwifery care available to all families, regardless of means, in every state and every community. The critical needs of childbearing people – and the urgency for CPMs to better meet these needs – drive the vision for the future of the profession described in these briefing papers. Dynamic new opportunities have emerged in recent years to grow our profession to truly meet the needs of the childbearing population. NACPM is committed to supporting CPMs to position ourselves for this exciting future.

The papers are organized around three broad areas. First, we explore why CPMs matter to families and the health care system; how NACPMs vision and understanding of the landscape for CPMs informs our commitments; and our recommendations for midwives and students preparing for the future.

Introduction to the Briefing Papers

Certified Professional Midwives: What We Have Learned and Why Our Practice of Midwifery Is Critical to Improving Health & Saving Lives in the U.S.

NACPM Vision & National Landscape for CPMs

Preparing for the Future: Recommendations for Midwives and Students 


Second, we report on the MAMA Campaign, a national effort led by NACPM, to achieve federal recognition of CPMs; how the strategy has changed and what that will mean for CPMs.

Federal Recognition: History and Current Strategy of the MAMA Campaign

Implications of Federal Recognition on Medicaid Reimbursement for CPMs

Federal Campaign FAQ and Examples of Provider Definitions in the Social Security Act

Third, we examine the important building blocks of the profession – certification, education, licensure, federal recognition, reimbursement and employment – and how these both reflect and strengthen midwifery.

Certification and a National Credential

Spanish Version: Certification and a National Credential

Education and Accreditation

Licensure and Regulation

Federal Recognition for CPMs

Reimbursement and Employment


NACPM leaders are deeply committed to supporting a strong, robust CPM profession that is truly prepared to meet the needs of childbearing people in our country.  We are eager to join with midwives around the country as we, working together, make well-informed, critical decisions about the future of midwifery.

We encourage you to read these papers, listen to the webinar of October 11, 2017, discuss and share them with your NACPM Chapter members and state associations, include them in your school’s curriculum, and support your policy advocacy with this information about our profession.  Please send any comments to info@nacpm.org.