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Why Choose a Certified Professional Midwife
for your Birth

Certified Professional Midwives (CPM) are the only nationally-credentialed midwives in the U.S. with special training in providing community-based care, offering services for home and midwife-owned birth center care.

In a maternity care system that has come more and more to rely on medical interventions that are not proven to benefit healthy women during childbirth, women in ever-greater numbers are turning to CPMs and home and birth center care to give birth to their babies. More and more women are seeking care that reflects their aspirations to give birth naturally, knowing that it profoundly benefits them and their babies. Women want to be full and respected partners in their own care, and to have the time, education, attention and company of a midwife they have come to know during pregnancy for themselves and their babies. CPMs provide a model of care that meets the needs and wishes of women seeking this kind of high-quality childbirth experience.

Women deserve choices in childbirth, and NACPM is working with many local and national organizations to help provide pregnant women with more options, more access, and better models of care.

Click here (2014 MANA Stats Study) and here to read research articles on quality and safety in home and birth center birth.

CPMs own and/or work in over half of the free-standing birth centers in the U.S. Read here about birth centers.

Read here about normal, healthy birth, its benefits for you and your baby, and choosing the right provider and birth setting for you and your baby.

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