State Legislative and Advocacy Toolkit

NACPM is building a toolkit for CPMs who are engaged in state licensure efforts, improving regulations, and reaching out to policymakers, other health professionals, and payors.  You will find two kinds of resources in the toolkit.

  • The first set of documents is for learning, discussion, and planning among midwives.
  • The second set can be used for others seeking information about CPMs.

NACPM, working collaboratively with other midwifery organizations and advocates, has found many new and interesting opportunities to strengthen midwifery in accordance with ICM’s global vision.  With a compelling vision for a stronger midwifery profession, critical collaborative relationships developing, core documents approved and new tools in hand, CPMs and their allies can expect to make significant progress in the coming years.  Working together, we believe we can achieve licensure of CPMs in all 50 states and regulations for all midwives that protect autonomous midwifery practice.

We encourage midwives and their allies to reach out to NACPM for support.  Whether you need help interpreting the US MERA agreements, finding ways to move forward in your state, or learning from other states, NACPM is ready to help!

Preparing to Take Action: Useful Information to Guide and Support You

We encourage you to begin by reading the document Midwifery Licensure and Regulation in the United States which provides important background information and guidance for CPMs and their advocates working to achieve state licensure in states that do not yet recognize CPMs.  It will also be useful to those interested in improving current state laws and regulations.

You’ll find information and links to:

Also, there’s an explanation of how health professional regulation in the states often intersects with or is based on standards established by the professional organizations and credentialing and accrediting agencies.  Which is why it’s so important for CPMs to take advantage of opportunities for input to the standards setting processes of NARM, MEAC, and NACPM!

The ICM Toolkit for Regulation is a wealth of information and suggests step-by-step how to make the case for regulation, recognize the barriers to change, build relationships, develop new skills in strategic planning and communications, and more!

The NACPM Regulatory Assessment Tool complements the ICM Toolkit by walking you through an analysis of your proposed legislation or rules or an existing licensing law and regulations to determine how they compare to the US MERA Principles for Model Midwifery Legislation and Regulation.   The analysis will help you determine where there are gaps, explore how important or feasible it is to address any missing principles, and address what it will take to affect a change.

Persuading Others: Outreach Materials about CPMs

The following materials are made available by NACPM to support your outreach efforts.  Additional materials are in development.  We encourage you to contact NACPM to share materials that have worked for you or to make suggestions for materials that you would find helpful.  Note: NACPM state chapters may request versions with their state chapter logos.

Please reach out to or (603) 358-3322 if you have any questions.