NACPM Fourth Virtual Annual Meeting 2017

Thank you for joining us for our Fourth Virtual Annual Meeting!

If you missed the meeting, please watch the presentation here:

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Annual Meeting Agenda

Download printable PDF of this agenda here


Presidents’ Welcome
Presenter: Tanya Khemet Taiwo & Audrey Levine, Co-Presidents

Overview: The Evolving Landscape for CPMs
Presenter: Mary Lawlor, Executive Director


Leadership: Manifesting Commitments

NACPM’s Co-Presidency, Shared and Cross-Racial Leadership
Presenter: Tanya Khemet Taiwo & Audrey Levine, Co-Presidents

NACPM Announcement of cross-racial shared leadership

Unique Role of Public Board Members
Presenter: Keisha Goode, Board Member

NACPM’s AROM Team: Promoting Equity and Social Justice
Presenter: Keisha Goode, Board Member

Break for questions 5 minutes


Vision, Landscape and Planning

2018 CPM Symposium- May 11-13, Potomac, Maryland
Presenters: Mary Lawlor, Executive Director, Nasima Pfaffl, President of Citizens for Midwifery, Ellie Daniels, Immediate Past President

CPM Symposium newsletter and survey

Midwifery Landscape & Future Directions for CPMs
Presenter:  Jo Anne Myers-Ciecko, NACPM Consultant

Midwifery Landscape and Future Directions for CPMs Briefing Papers


Professional Identity, Member Engagement & Support

Support for State Licensing
Presenter: Mary Lawlor, Executive Director

State Legislative Toolkit

State Chapters
Presenter: Susan Smartt Cook, Chapters Program Manager, Vicki Penwell, CPM, ID State Chapter in formation, Meredith Christie, CPM, NC Chapter, NC MERA, Belinda Lashea, CNM, NC MERA

NACPM Chapters webpage

Federal Recognition of CPMs

Presenter: Mary Lawlor, Executive Director

Legislation and Policy Webinar Series
Bundled Payment Proposal

US MERA Update
Presenter: Ellie Daniels, Immediate Past President


Collaborative Relationships
Presenter: Mary Lawlor, Executive Director 

National Quality Forum
Integrative Health Policy Consortium
American Association of Birth Centers
Home Birth Consensus Summit

NACPM Delegates attend ICM Governing Council
Presenter: Tanya Khemet Taiwo, Co-President

Report from the 31st ICM Triennial Congress
Presenter: Audrey Levine, Co-President
International Confederation of Midwives

Break for questions 10 minutes


Professional Development and Support

Growing Members and Member Benefits
Presenter: Kirsten Archibald, Office Manager

NACPM Membership Benefits

Professional Development Support
Presenter: Jo Anne Myers-Ciecko, Consultant

State Legislative Toolkit
Newsletters and Updates
Critical Health Coverage for Women and Babies

NACPM Practice Committee
Presenter: Katherine Dexter, CPM, NACPM Volunteer


Infrastructure – Foundation for NACPM’s Vision and Purpose

Financial Report
Presenter: Jamie Eidsath, Incoming Treasurer

2016 Profit and Loss Statement

Presenter: Audrey Levine, Co-President

NACPM Donations


Wrap-Up & Discussion

Presenter: Audrey Levine and Tanya Khemet Taiwo, Co-Presidents

Please contact us if you have questions or suggestions, or would like to suggest a topic for future webinars.


NACPM would like to extend our gratitude to the organizations below for providing generous gifts to be given away during the 2016 NACPM Virtual Annual Meeting.


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