NACPM Fifth Virtual Annual Membership Meeting 2018

Thank you for joining us for our Annual Meeting!

Meeting Agenda

Download printable PDF of this agenda here




Presidents’ Welcome
Presenter: Tanya Khemet Taiwo & Audrey Levine, Co-Presidents

Executive Director Welcome and Meting Overview
Presenter: Mary Lawlor, Executive Director


Leadership: Manifesting Commitments

Introduction of Leadership Team and New Board Members
Presenter: Tanya Khemet Taiwo & Audrey Levine, Co-Presidents

NACPM Leadership Team


NACPM’s Equity Team: Promoting Equity and Social Justice
Presenters: Jamie Eidsath, Treasurer and Keisha Goode,  Public Board Member and Secretary

Bigger Table Fund Scholarship


Professional Identity, Member Engagement and Support

Support for Licensing and Advocacy
Presenters: Mary Lawlor, Executive Director

Midwifery Landscape and Future Directions for CPMs

State Legislative and Advocacy Toolkit

Blueprint for Advancing High-Value Maternity Care Through Physiologic Childbearing

Strong Start for Mothers and Newborns initiative

Listening to Mothers in Califorina

Giving Voice to Mothers Study

District of Columbia 2018 CPM Bill


State Chapters
Presenters: Susan Smartt Cook, Chapters Program Manager; Megan Nowland, CPM, Ohio; Jenny Jahn, CPM, Idaho

NACPM Chapters webpage


Professional Development & Support

Professional Development Support
Presenter: Mary Lawlor, Executive Director


NACPM Practice Committee
Presenter: Mary Lawlor, Executive Director

NACPM Competencies
Presenter: Mary Lawlor for Courtney Everson, Co-Investigator

Growing NACPM Membership & Member Benefits
Presenter: Audrey Levine, Co-President

NACPM Membership Policy

NACPM Membership Benefits


Infrastructure – Foundation for NACPM’s Vision and Purpose

Financial Report
Presenter: Jamie Eidsath, Incoming Treasurer

NACPM Budget Overview 2018

NACPM Profit and Loss Statement 2018

NACPM 2018 Balance Sheet

Presenter: Audrey Levine, Co-President


Break for questions 10 minutes


2018 CPM Symposium: Experiences, Lessons Learned

2018 CPM Symposium Website

Symposium Purpose, Program & Structure
Presenter: Mary Lawlor, Executive Director

Partipant Experience
Presenter: Rhonda Grantham, CPM, Tamara Trinidad

Partipant Experience – Breakout Group Discussion & Group Word Cloud

NACPM: Actions Taken and Where We Are Headed Now


Celebration of Bigger Table Fund Awardees

Bigger Table Fund Scholarships

Meeting Wrap-Up and Closing


NACPM would like to extend our gratitude to the organizations below for providing generous gifts to be given away during the 2018 NACPM Virtual Annual Meeting.


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