Mar 22

Midwives Now Included in the Nation’s COVID-19 Vaccinator Workforce

vaccine-2The Biden administration has developed a national strategy to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, including accelerating the rate of vaccinations among the population, with the expectation that all states would offer the vaccine to all adults by May 1. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has expanded the pool of qualified professionals able to serve as vaccinators to help ensure that anyone who wants to be vaccinated can do so as soon as possible. Certified Professional Midwives, as licensed by their state or nationally certified even if not licensed, now qualify to register with their state to serve in their state’s vaccinator workforce. The HHS Division of External Stakeholder Engagement reached out to NACPM to better understand the credentialling and regulatory landscape for CPMs and included CPMs in their workforce expansion recommendations to White House counsel.

HHS issued an amendment to the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP ACT) to add categories to expand the workforce of qualified professionals to administer FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccines, and midwives are included in this latest amendment to the PREP Act. This act provides liability protections under federal and state/territorial law for all loss claims resulting from the administration or use of a covered countermeasure, in this case, the COVID-19 vaccine. This declaration opens a pathway for states to expand and support their vaccinator workforce if needed by including professions not traditionally serving in the role of vaccinator. States are encouraged to include these additional vaccinators to respond to local needs. Ultimately, states and territories may choose which qualified persons from among those included in the federal guidance as vaccinators in their jurisdictions.
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More healthcare personnel are needed to administer these life-saving vaccines as supplies of the vaccines increase and new vaccination sites are opened, especially those to provide the underserved.

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Take the required training: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has created new, web-on-demand, self-paced modules at no charge for healthcare providers who will be administering COVID-19 vaccines. The modules for this training are available here: VIEW MODULES

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