Webinar Testimonials

“This is cutting edge stuff! And this webinar is a gold mine, for my paper on the Harkin Amendment.”

“You inspired me to join NACPM for the first time . . . your demonstrated commitment to anti-racism work in midwifery decided it for me.”

“I loved getting a sense of the SCOPE of the work y’all have been doing this year. The presentations were thorough, well organized, and concise.”

“It was great to hear about all of the things that NACPM is doing and the ways in which you are working to meet the expressed needs and desires of the membership.”

Sharing Information and Engaging with CPMs and Stakeholders

Baby photo NACPM launched our first live webinars in the spring of 2014, beginning with a five-part series on the Affordable Care Act. Ever since, NACPM webinars continue to provide important relevant information and opportunities for discussion about practice, policy, innovations in education and association news for CPMs and stakeholders.

Webinar registration is free and open to the public, allowing for dynamic and inclusive conversation and learning opportunities for midwives, consumers and midwifery advocates.  CEUs are available at a nominal fee via our on-line system. All webinars, including the opportunity for CEUs, are archived for the convenience of those are not able to join us in person for the live event.

NACPM works with strategic partners in presenting these webinars series, including Citizens for Midwifery (CfM) and the Association for Midwifery Educators (AME).

We welcome and look forward to your participation!


Visit individual webinar series pages for the topics below:

Equity, Race and Access to Midwifery

    • Lessons Learned from Designing and Implementing an Undergraduate Mentorship Program
    • Addressing Birth Disparities with Midwifery Care
    • Battling Over Birth: Research Justice as Framework for Transforming Maternal Health Care

    • Gender, Sexuality, and Inclusion of All Families in Midwifery Practice

    • Steps For CPM’s To Be Part Of The Solution To Inequities In Maternity Care

    • Diversity Matters; What Are Our Challenges?
    • Social & Physiological Impacts of Racism in Maternal Child Health Part 1
    • Social & Physiological Impacts of Racism in Maternal Child Health Part 2

Legislation and Policy Webinar Series

    • Midwives and the U.S. Census: Making Sure Every Child Counts
    • 2019 State and Federal Legislative Updates
    • Midwifery Advocacy – Tools You Can Use
    • Inside Look at 2016 election results and what they could mean for CPMs and Maternity Care
    • CPMs and Payment Reform
    • CPMs and State Licensure: Finding New Ways Forward in Today’s Environment
    • MAMA Campagn Virtual Meetings
    • An Overview of State Licensure for CPMs
    • US MERA: What it Could Mean for CPMs
    • US MERA: How to Put it to Use for CPMs
    • MAMA Campaign: A New Foundation for Federal Recognition of CPMs


CPM Clinical Practice Webinar Series

    • Grappling with Clinical Challenges During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    • COVID-19: Community Midwives, Public Health, and Emergency Preparedness

    • COVID-19: Telehealth for Community Midwives
    • Coronavirus: Midwives on the Front Line
    • Managing Postpartum Hemorrhage in the Community Setting
    • Tackling Quality of Care Issues Locally/The Oregon Experience

    • Intermittent Auscultation
    • The MANA Stats Fetal, Neonatal Mortality Review (FNMR) Project: Preliminary Findings and Implications for Practice

    • Midwifery Charting: Research Findings to Inform Practice
    • RE:BIRTH: Navigating and Mediating Maternal Stress and Birth Outcomes in Pre- and Post-hurricane Puerto Rico

    • Charting for Midwives Part II

    • Managing Postpartum Hemorrhage in the Community Setting
    • Genetic Testing
    • Charting for Midwives
    • Domestic Violence
    • Informed Consent and Shared Decision Making
    • Evidence-Informed Practice: Research Literacy & Shared DecisionMaking
    • GBS Screening and Treatment
    • Zika: What Midwives Need to Know
    • Best Practices for Risk Management for CPM Practice
    • Improving Home to Hospital Transfer
    • How Your Practice Data Matters to Research and Quality Care
    • Promoting Healthy Physiologic Birth in the U.S.

NACPM Professional Association News Webinar Series

    • NACPM Fifth Virtual Annual Meeting 2018
    • Midwives – What You Need to Know about Becoming a CPM and Completing the Bridge Certificate 

    • NACPM Fourth Virtual Annual Meeting 2017

    • NACPM Vision and the Midwifery Landscape – Briefing Papers
    • Live from ICM 2017
    • NACPM Third Virtual Annual Meeting 2016
    • NACPM Second Virtual Annual Meeting 2015
    • NACPM First Virtual Annual Meeting 2014

Leveraging Competency-Based Education and Direct Assessment to Advance Midwifery Education


Affordable Care Act Webinar Series [May-August 2014]

      • The Affordable Care Act: What Health Reform Means for Women, Families & Communities
      • Birth Centers and Women’s Health Provisions of the Affordable Care Act
      • Understanding Accountable Care Organizations
      • Section 2706 and Other ACA Sections that Address Integrative Providers
      • ACA Billing Opportunities for CPMs

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