NACPM Virtual Annual Meeting

The Board and Staff of NACPM thank all who joined us for our first virtual annual meeting!


NACPM members, stakeholders and others curious about the work of the professional association participated in this first-ever virtual Annual Meeting. It was an opportunity to meet the NACPM Board of Directors, staff, consultants, and volunteers; to learn about the accomplishments, challenges, projects and collaborations of 2014; and to find out how members and stakeholders will help shape NACPM priorities for 2015.

Annual Meeting Agenda

Download printable PDF of this agenda here

Welcome and Meeting Overview
Presenter: Ellie Daniels, President

Goals and accomplishments
Presenter: Ellie Daniels, President and Executive Team Leader

Proposed By-Laws Revisions
Presenter: Tanya Khemet, Secretary and Legislative & Policy Team Leader

NACPM Financial Report
Presenter: Kaye Kanne, Treasurer and Finance Team Leader

NACPM Fundraising Report
Presenter: Audrey Levine, Vice President and Fundraising Team Leader

Break for questions 5 min

Coalition-Building and Health Policy Work
Presenter: Mary Lawlor, Executive Director & Policy Adviser

Commitment to Anti-Racism and Maternal & Child Health Equity
Presenter: Jamie Eidsath, Board Member & AROM Team Leader

Scholarship for Women of Color: Needs Assessment & Planning
Presenter: Nancy Anderson, MD, MPH, NACPM Consultant

International Relationships
Presenter: Autumn Vergo, Board Member & Membership Team Leader

Break for questions 5 min

NACPM Capacity Building
Presenter: Ellie Daniels, President

Professional Development and Continuing Education
Presenters: Jo Anne Myers-Ciecko, MPH, NACPM Consultant; Justine Clegg, CPM, AME; Nasima Pfaffl, CfM

Practice Committee Work Group Update
Presenters: Peggy Garland, CNM, NACPM Consultant, with Carlee Ann Brown & Katherine Dexter, Interns, Midwifery Students at Bastyr University

Marketing and Social Media                         ***PARTICIPATE AND WIN PRIZES***
Presenters: Autumn Vergo, Board Member; Adriana Elliot, NACPM Administrative Assistant

NACPM Chapters
Presenters: Mary Lawlor, Executive Director, and Barbara Blott, CPM

Break for questions 5 min

US MERA: Presentation and Member Discussion
Presenter: Mary Lawlor, Executive Director

Closing, Appreciation and Member & Stakeholder Opportunities for Input on 2015 Priorities
Presenter: Ellie Daniels, President

Please contact us if you have questions or suggestions, or would like to suggest a topic for future webinars.