Home Birth Summit – Addressing Shared Responsibility for Women Choosing to Give Birth at Home or in Birth Centers

HBCSActionGroups“Quality of care is improved when policies and procedures are in place to govern best practices for coordination and communication during the process of transfer or transport from a home or birth center to a hospital.” Home Birth Consensus Summit Statement on Inter-professional Collaboration and Communication

The Summit Work Group on Inter-Professional Collaboration and Communication is itself a model of collaboration and includes leaders from health related fields including family medicine, midwifery, health administration, obstetrics, public health, pediatrics, and ethics as well as consumers and childbirth educators.

This Work Group recently released New Best Practice Guidelines for Transfer from Planned Home Birth to Hospital. Certified Professional Midwives can use these consensus guidelines to support and promote transfer of care in the communities where they live and practice. NACPM endorsed these important guidelines in April 2014.

New Best Practice Guidelines For Transfer From Planned Home Birth To Hospital
Science and Sensibility on the Home Birth Summit and Release of Transfer Guidelines



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