Mar 25

Engaging Consumers: Powering Improvements in Public Health Policy Co-Hosted by NACPM and the Big Push for Midwives

WEBINAR: Engaging Consumers: Powering Improvements in Public Health Policy Co-Hosted by NACPM and the Big Push
for Midwives

Thursday, March 25th from 1:00 to 2:30

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If you are looking for solid practical support from on-the-ground, in-the-trenches advocates and tools to use in your state to advance CPM policy, this webinar is for you! Seasoned state advocates of NACPM and the Big Push for Midwives will share grassroots organizing strategies and user-friendly tools and technologies to enlist the power of consumers to effect legislation and policy to increase access to community midwives for families around the country.




Debbie Pease, a homebirth mother, past president of South Dakota Birth Matters and current president and public member of the South Dakota Board of CPMs, will share the many-years story of organizing a non-profit with other mothers to pass legislation to license CPMs in a state historically radically hostile to homebirth midwives.

Nasima Pfaffl, MA, is a second- generation homebirth mother, medical sociologist and president of Citizens for Midwifery. She has been a board director of Birth Network, the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services, and served as co-chair and survey team lead for The Birth Survey. Nasima focuses on coalition building and will present capacity-building technologies and tools to strengthen midwifery advocacy organizations.

Lisa Clark, BS in Education, a public member of the NARM board and a founding member and legislative affairs director of the Alabama Birth Coalition, drafted her first legislation to license CPMs in her state in 1996 and helped Alabama over the finish line to license CPMs in 2019. She will share strategies for engaging consumers, working within the political context in your state, cultivating key relationships, and when to strategically stand your ground and when to give way.

Mary Kathryn DeLodder, a homebirth mother, consumer advocate and leader of the Kentucky Birth Coalition that succeeded after eight years of effort in licensing CPMs in 2019, has now gone on to work on legislation to increase access to birth centers in Kentucky. She will share ins and outs and practical information about organizing successful lobby days.

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