CPM Directory

NACPM wants to help you connect with potential clients and each other! Entry in our CPM Directory is a free benefit to NACPM members, and it is available to non-members for an annual fee of $50. We recommend this service to you for increasing your public profile on the internet.

You may create your listing by doing the following:
1. Login to your member profile or, if not a member yet, join as either a regular member or a join at the “CPM Directory Only” level.
2. Click on the button that says “Edit Profile”
3. Complete all the information that you would like to have in your listing, such as business name, business address, phone number, email, website, photograph,a short biography etc.
4. Click on the red title that says “Privacy”
5. For each aspect of your profile, indicate what level of access you would like to set by clicking on the circles.
6. Check the small box at the top to select “Show profile to others”
7. Remember to SAVE by clicking the button at the bottom before you leave the screen
8. Review your entry in the CPM Directory

Please contact us at admin@nacpm.org or (603) 358-3322 if you would like assistance with any aspect of creating your listing, or have questions about the project.

We hope all CPMs will participate in this exciting project! We expect this directory to be a valuable resource to our membership and to the public at large, and we’d love to hear from you if you have suggestions.