Our Structure

National Leadership Structure

NACPM fulfills its mission and performs its functions through a collaborative leadership team made up of the Board of Directors and the national staff, with support from consultants and interns. A structure is being evolved for NACPM Chapters to provide direction to the Board and organization.

NACPM is governed by By-Laws and its function is guided by Policies and Procedures. The By Laws were developed when NACPM was incorporated in 2000. They are currently being revised to reflect the evolution of the organization. These By Law revisions will be presented to NACPM members for input and approval in 2014.

NACPM Organizational Structure Map

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are elected by the Membership, and Officers are elected by the Board.

National Staff

The National Staff is currently made up of the Executive Director, the Office Manager, the Program Manager and the Chapters Program Manager.


NACPM also hires Consultants and engages field experts as needed to support organizational development, contribute to strategic development, and provide content expertise for projects and initiatives.


Each strategic priority of the Board is managed by a Team. Teams are made up of Board members and can include NACPM Members and other experts not on the Board.


Intern are volunteers who are NACPM Members, students or content experts who work with the Teams and Staff to carry out the work of the Teams. If you are interested in working with one of the NACPM teams, please write to info@nacpm.org.

NACPM Chapters

NACPM has launched State Chapters to engage CPMs from state midwifery associations to work with the national leadership team to provide direction for the organization. Read about State Chapters. Form a Chapter in your state!