NACPM Values

We are open with our stakeholders about our work, challenges, successes, motivations and intentions.  We welcome questions and dialogue about anything that will help us work together to make the changes we want to see happen.

Courageous Integrity
We do what we say we will do, even when it is difficult or challenging.  We do not shy away from tough conversations or bold plans.  We bring our heart and our perspective for the good of the whole system to bear on the work we do and the way we do it.

High-Performance Teamwork
We challenge ourselves and each other to bring out the best we have to give for our shared cause.  We strive for ever-higher levels of performance and know the stronger our team, the more effectively we can achieve our goals.

We acknowledge individual preferences and differences.  Our intention is that our respect is always felt by our members, colleagues, partners and stakeholders.

We need each other to bring about the change we know is possible.  We work hard to be good partners and foster game-changing collaboration.

We aim to tap the source of what is possible for birth care in the US.  We create conversations and projects that allow new insight and action to flow, in order to help us achieve our goals.  We do not discard what is already working, nor are we limited by what has worked in the past.

We pride ourselves on making the most with what we have. Our intention is that nothing goes to waste.   We bring creativity and strategy to ensure that we maximize the potential of our resources.

We know equitable healthcare is possible.  We work on ourselves and the systems we impact to remove personal and institutional racism and discrimination.  We know we are not perfect, and we are committed to learning, action and vision to create an equitable future.


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