NACPM Is Committed To:

  • Safeguarding the right to normal physiologic birth for every childbearing person
  • Ensuring that midwives are the primary birth care providers in the United States
  • Establishing licensure and equitable reimbursement for CPMs in all 50 states, territories and the District of Columbia
  • Advocating for CPMs to the public, state and federal legislators and health policy makers
  • Securing a place in the birth care system for the unique and valuable services of CPMs
  • Investing in a strong, racially, ethnically and socially representative CPM workforce to meet the needs of childbearing people
  • Supporting excellence and innovation in midwifery education
  • Informing best practice and providing clinical guidance relevant to our unique model of care
  • Unifying and strengthening midwifery through partnerships with midwives and consumers
  • Influencing state and national policy to improve birth outcomes in all settings throughout the United States
  • Eliminating unconscionable disparities in birth outcomes for people of color, indigenous people, and their infants
  • Dismantling systemic racism in midwifery and the birth care system
  • Ensuring safe, high-quality, respectful care for all women and childbearing people that improves outcomes, avoids unnecessary medical interventions and locates power over the birth experience with the woman or person giving birth
  • Opposing the oppression of childbearing women, including the impacts of sexism, misogyny, and gender-based and obstetrical violence.
  • Opposing the oppression of LGBTQIA2S+ childbearing people, including homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, and violence based on sexuality, gender expression, and family structure
  • Utilizing NACPM’s colonial privilege as an organization to influence policy that recognizes the inherent sovereignty and self-determination of Indigenous peoples
  • Understanding and addressing the compound negative impact of oppression on childbearing people with multiple intersecting identities 


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