NACPM Philosophy and Principles of Practice

NACPM members respect the mystery, sanctity and potential for growth inherent in the experience of pregnancy and birth.

NACPM members understand birth to be a pivotal life event for mother, baby, and family. It is the goal of midwifery care to support and empower the mother and to protect the natural process of birth.

NACPM members respect the biological integrity of the processes of pregnancy and birth as aspects of a woman’s sexuality.
NACPM members recognize the inseparable and interdependent nature of the mother-baby pair.

NACPM members believe that responsible and ethical midwifery care respects the life of the baby by nurturing and respecting the mother, and, when necessary, counseling and educating her in ways to improve fetal/infant well-being.

NACPM members work as autonomous practitioners, recognizing that this autonomy makes possible a true partnership with the women they serve, and enables them to bring a broad range of skills to the partnership.

NACPM members recognize that decision-making involves a synthesis of knowledge, skills, intuition and clinical judgment.

NACPM members know that the best research demonstrates that out-of-hospital birth is a safe and rational choice for healthy women, and that the out-of-hospital setting provides optimal opportunity for the empowerment of the mother and the support and protection of the normal process of birth.

NACPM members recognize that the mother or baby may on occasion require medical consultation or collaboration.

NACPM members recognize that optimal care of women and babies during pregnancy and birth takes place within a network of relationships with other care providers who can provide service outside the scope of midwifery practice when needed.

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