Professional Standards & Competencies


This section contains the NACPM Philosophy and Principles of Practice, the NACPM Scope of Practice, and the NACPM Standards of Practice. Also included are supporting documents from the International Confederation of Midwives and related U.S. midwifery organization, providing important context for CPM midwifery. Standards documents such as these provide guidance for the development of the practice of professional midwifery and for on-going evaluation and strengthening of the profession.

History and Value of NACPM Standards of Practice
The NACPM Standards Committee and the Standards Advisory Committee were formed in the fall of 2002 and initiated a process to develop Standards of Practice for NACPM that gave all CPMs the opportunity for input into these important documents. The Essential Documents, including Philosophy, Scope of Practice and Standards of Practice, were adopted by the NACPM Membership in 2004. The benefits to the profession were quickly evident, as several states in quick succession referred to these Essential Documents in successful legislation to license CPMs in those states.

Currently, NARM bases the requirements for the CPM credential on the MANA Core Competencies, the NARM Skills and Abilities, and the MEAC Standards for Accreditation. NACPM has not yet adopted a set of Competencies specific to CPMs, but is examining its role in developing and adopting competencies in 2014. NARM has indicated that competencies from any of the three U.S. professional associations whose members include CPMs (NACPM, MANA and ICTC) will be addressed in the next task analysis for the CPM credential.

NACPM Philosophy and Principles of Practice

Scope of Practice for the National Association of Certified Professional Midwives

Standards of Practice for NACPM Members

ICM Global Standards, Competencies and Tools

Professional Midwifery Standards Resources