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Live from the 31st Triennial Congress of the International Confederations of Midwives

June 19, 2017, 7-8pm, ET

Wishing you were able to attend the ICM Congress in Toronto but couldn’t make it happen? Members of the NACPM delegation will bring the Congress to you with up-to-the-minute news during a live webinar to be broadcast from Toronto. This will be an opportunity to get a feel for the people, the issues, and the stories as they¬†happen.

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NACPM Third Virtual Annual Meeting 2016

The Third Virtual NACPM Annual Meeting on November 10, 2016 gave our members an opportunity to learn more about our Cross-Racial Shared Leadership model and featured topics as the Chapter report, State legislation, our work on the federal and international level, NACPM’s collaborative relationships, our Professional Development and Support as well as reports on our finances, fundraising and NACPM staff. Please review the recording below.

Annual Meeting 2016

NACPM Annual Meeting 2015

When NACPM hosted our first virtual annual meeting in 2014 ,members told us they appreciated having the chance learn more about all facets of our work and to hear from everyone on the Board of Directors and Staff. Based on this feedback, we hosted our second virtual annual meeting on November 12, 2015. For news of our activities, accomplishments, challenges, and plans for next year, please view the recording below.

NACPM 2014 Annual Meeting

NACPM members, stakeholders and others curious about the work of the professional association participated in our first-ever virtual Annual Meeting on November 20. This presented members with an opportunity to meet the NACPM Board of Directors, staff, consultants, and volunteers; to learn about the accomplishments, challenges, projects and collaborations of 2014; and to find out how members and stakeholders were helping to shape NACPM priorities for 2015. Please view a recording of the meeting below.