April 23

Meet CPM Symposium Speakers

Learn more about our CPM Symposium Speakers Claudia Booker, Allyson Juneau-Butler, Elle Annalise L. Schnetzler, Karen Jefferson and Demetra Seriki. Click for more information

April 13

50 Speakers at the CPM Symposium!

A rich program with many speakers is planned, including Karline Wilson-Mitchel, Autumn Cavender-Wilson, Kathryn Moore, Denicia Cadena and Tamar Reno. Read more about our speakersin this newsletter

April 9

Share your story with the CPM Symposium!

Certified Professional Midwives (CPM) are committed to bringing the voices and perspectives of people having babies – your voices – into The CPM Symposium on May 11-13. We want to hear from you directly so that your voice and your experience can help to guide this work. With that end in mind, we invite you.

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