April 23

Meet CPM Symposium Speakers

Learn more about our CPM Symposium Speakers Claudia Booker, Allyson Juneau-Butler, Elle Annalise L. Schnetzler, Karen Jefferson and Demetra Seriki. Click for more information

April 13

50 Speakers at the CPM Symposium!

A rich program with many speakers is planned, including Karline Wilson-Mitchel, Autumn Cavender-Wilson, Kathryn Moore, Denicia Cadena and Tamar Reno. Read more about our speakersin this newsletter

April 9

Share your story with the CPM Symposium!

Certified Professional Midwives (CPM) are committed to bringing the voices and perspectives of people having babies – your voices – into The CPM Symposium on May 11-13. We want to hear from you directly so that your voice and your experience can help to guide this work. With that end in mind, we invite you.

April 5

CPM Symposium Scholarships

NACPM and our Symposium Convening Partners (AME, CfM, ICTC) are committed to supporting a racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse midwifery workforce and providing opportunities for multiple voices to be heard so we can better understand and be responsive to the needs of all childbearing people. In service to this commitment we are offering full and.

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