NACPM Works with National Coalitions to Support CPMs

Working with national coalitions is an effective way to include the CPM perspective in national activities, to educate and inform the Board about the work of other organizations, to make a difference beyond our usual sphere of influence, and to bring the perspective of groups, whom we might not otherwise interact with, to our work. We have worked and consulted with the following coalitions during the past year:

Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN):
NACPM organized midwives nationally to attend the Citizen’s Health Care Working Group Meetings and continues to consult with Becky Martin, UHCAN’s Education and Outreach Coordinator.

White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood (WRA):
NACPM joined this alliance and participated in their national working group to identify how governments can better prepare for the needs of women and infants during natural disasters, and contributed to and endorsed the Women and Infants Service Package (WISP) document.

Coalition for Patient’s Rights (CPR): NACPM joined this coalition and endorsed the group’s powerful statement to counter efforts by the AMA Scope of Practice Initiative to limit patient’s choice of health practitioners.

Integrated Health Policy Consortium (IHPC)
: IHPC’s policy agenda focuses on creating and sustaining a patient-centered, cost-effective integrated national health care system that gives consumers access to all forms of health care, including direct-entry midwifery. NACPM has consulted with the executive director and program director to address mutual goals.

National Women’s Health Agenda Taskforce (NWHAT):
NWHAT is committed to creating the new partnerships that will be required to build and advance a women’s health agenda in the 21st century. This summer of 2007, NACPM has attended two day-long NWHAT planning meetings of women’s organizations and coalitions in Washington, D.C., called to identify the key elements of a national women’s health agenda and to build partnerships to move it forward. (NWHAT website coming soon)

NACPM Attends National Conferences

NACPM also is bringing the CPM presence and perspective to the wider community by attending national conferences in the past year and a half, and bringing the perspective of these groups to inform our work:

American Public Health Association (APHA): presentation on Medicaid reimbursement described in this newsletter, Boston, fall 2006

Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS): attended Conference in Atlanta, March 2007

NIH State of the Science Conference: Cesarean Delivery on Maternal Request: attended conference in Bethesda, MD, March 2006

Take Back America Conference: attended health care reform sessions of this conference in Washington, D.C. in June, 2007