Minnesota Chapter of NACPM


Chapter Meetings

The next Chapter meeting is tentatively scheduled for Friday, November 16 at 9am. More details to come as they’re available.


PhotoChapter Leaders

Kate Saumweber Hogan, CPM, LM

Jennifer Hall, CPM, LM

Amy Johnson-Grass, ND, LN, LM, CPM

Rachel Voigt, CPM, LM

Please contact us at nacpmboardmn@gmail.com

The photo was taken at our first chapter meeting. From left to right

Rachel Voigt, CPM, LM (Chapter Secretary), Kate Saumweber Hogan, CPM, LM

(Chapter President), Erin Kaspar-Frett, CPM, LM (WI), MSM,

Amy Johnson-Grass, ND, LN, LM, CPM (Chapter Vice President),

Holly Fix, CPM, Jennifer Hall, CPM, LM (Chapter Treasurer & Secretary) 

Chapter Membership

State Chapter Dues:

$5 annually


Join Our Chapter

Note: If you are not currently an active NACPM member, you will need to join or renew your national membership in order to join the MN State Chapter.

If you are already an NACPM member, you can add MN Chapter Membership by logging into your member profile, clicking on the “Renew” option, and adding Chapter membership during the renewal process.