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2013-2014 NACPM Board Members

Ellie Daniels    Jamie A. Eidsath    Illysa Rene Foster    Kaye Kanne   
Tanya Khemet    Audrey Levine    Autumn Vergo

Kay KanneKaye Kanne, CPM
Juneau, Alaska

I am the founder and Executive Director of the Juneau Family Health and Birth Center. I created the non-profit birth center in 1998, evolving from her midwifery home birth practice of 15 years in Juneau. The birth center was created in response to a need, voiced by my clients over the years, for an alternative to home or hospital birth. I acted as the volunteer architect, contractor, and laborer while overseeing 70 volunteers to build the original birth center in rented space. The need for expanded services and a new facility soon became apparent. I raised the $3.9 million needed for this new facility over 6 years, while serving as Executive Director and midwife. Funding came from federal, state, and city appropriations as well as foundations, businesses and individuals. Grant writing and fundraising skills were acquired on the job! I achieved a Certificate in Nonprofit Management in 2006.

With the completion of the new facility in 2008, JFHBC was able to provide a “campus” of birth, primary health care, social services and educational services for families, all in one location.

I have successfully lobbied midwifery legislation into law on numerous occasions, creating the Certified Direct-Entry Midwife licensing Board in 1992 and serving on the Board from its inception until my term limit was met in 2000. During this time, I served as chair and helped craft the laws that govern Certified Direct-Entry Midwives in Alaska today.

I am a preceptor with the National College of Midwifery and feel strongly that educating student midwives is vitally important. I supervise from one to four students at any given time at the birth center.

I currently serve on the Commission for Accreditation of Birth Centers as treasurer. I believe that birth centers help to bring more women to midwifery care and are vital to the mainstreaming of midwives in this country.

I have been on the Peer Review Committee for the Midwives Association of Alaska for 10 years. The peer review committee guides CDM’s in Alaska to practice within our regulations and provide safe care.

I am married to Bob Bartholomew, my tireless supporter, and am the mother of three grown children and grandmother to three grandchildren. My midwifery career was inspired by the birth of two of my children at home and the empowerment I felt from my own positive experience working with a midwife. My mission is to empower women in this same way, to allow them to utilize their full potential.

I will continue to work locally and nationally to unite midwives and to promote midwifery into the mainstream. I want to see the day when the benefit of midwife care for all women is accepted as self-evident and every woman has a midwife involved in her healthcare. After 30 years of being a midwife, I am still awed by the courage and transformation of women during birth, and so grateful to have been called to do this work.



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