Webinar Series on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and CPMs

Have you been wondering what impact health reform might have on your midwifery practice or what opportunities are emerging for changing childbirth in America? NACPM – together with our webinar series partner, The Association of Midwifery Educators (AME) – has prepared a series of six webinars to address your questions!

These one to 1 ½ hour webinars will feature experts from a variety of fields, focusing on topics such as reimbursement, integrated health systems, innovative practices, and electronic health records. The series begins May 22nd and concludes in September. The webinars are free and registration is open to everyone, though midwives who want continuing education credit must pay a small fee.  MEAC CEUs are applied for. Webinars will be recorded and available for future listening.

The first webinar will address the historical context that led to the Affordable Care Act and contain basic introduction to various elements of the legislation. The second will focus on specific provisions of the ACA that impact midwives and women’s health, including the mandate for birth center provider reimbursement that resulted from our MAMA Campaign for federal recognition of CPMs. See below for more information about the entire series and instructions for registration.

Responding to input from our members, NACPM is also developing a series of webinars focused on state legislation and health policy that will launch this fall and another on CPMs as primary care providers and maternity care workforce development that will launch early next year. If you have other suggestions, please write to

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State Legislation and Policy Webinar Series – Begins in September

Dates TBD. Stay tuned for details!


Affordable Care Act Webinar Series


Becky Martin

1. The Affordable Care Act: What Health Reform Means for Women, Families & Communities

Date: May 22, 2:00-3:00 pm ET (1.0 MEAC CEU applied for)
Presenter: Becky Martin
Content:  The historic context that led to the Affordable Care Act and a basic introduction to the various provisions in the legislation.

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Please note that, due to technical difficulties, this is not the original recording, and does not contain Q&A. However, the webinar content is the same as the presentation on 5/22/14.

2. Birth Centers and Women’s Health Provisions of the Affordable Care Act

Date: June 26 from 2:00-3:30 pm ET (1.5 MEAC CEUs)

Jill Alliman, CNM, MSN

Presenter: Jill Alliman, CNM, American Association of Birth Centers

Content: An overview of birth centers across the U.S. and the implementation of the ACA mandate facility fee and provider reimbursement.


Usha Ranji smallPresenter: Usha Ranji, MS, Associate Director for Women’s Health Policy at the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
Content: An overview of women’s health provisions in the ACA, including access issues.



Autumn Vergo photo smallPresenter: Autumn Vergo, CPM, NACPM board member and NH birth center owner

Content: On-the-ground process to obtain Medicaid coverage for CPM practice with the ACA birth center mandate

Q & A with speakers


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Please note that the recorded webinar contains some minor typos.

Downloads Available:

Jill Alliman Corrected June 2014 Webinar Presentation

Usha Ranji June 2014 Presentation.

3. Understanding Accountable Care Organizations

Date: July 10 from 2:00-3:30 pm ET (1.5 MEAC CEUs applied for)
Karen-Milgate photo

Presenter:  Karen Milgate, former CMS Deputy Director for Strategic Planning
Content: Understanding ACOs: the origins, structure, value, and promise of this innovative model.


Timothy Fisher photo small

Presenter: Timothy Fisher, MD, FACOG, Chair of Women’s Health Services at Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcok Clinic in Keene, NH
Content: Will describe opportunities for CPMs in ACOs.



Presenter: Bill Walter, ND, Naturopathic physician with Golden Apple Healthcare and Lane County Community Health and HIV Alliance in Eugene, OR
Content: Will describe his experience with gaining access to participation in an ACO as a licensed provider.


Q & A

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Downloads Available:

Karen Milgate July 2014 Presentation

Tim Fisher July 2014 Presentation

4. Section 2706 and Other ACA Sections that Address Integrative Providers

Date: July 24 2:00 – 3:30 pm ET (1.5 MEAC CEUs applied for)
Deborah Senn

Presenter: Invited: Deborah Senn, former Washington State Insurance Commissioner
Content: An overview of Section 2706, prohibiting discrimination against providers by payers


Billy Wynne photo


Presenter: Billy Wynne, Thorn Run Partners
Content: Implementation issues for Section 2706


John Weeks 2011
John Weeks, Executive Director, Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Healthcare (ACCAHC)

Content: Overview of other ACA provisions that refer to licensed or integrative providers.


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Downloads Available:

Billy Wynne 7.24.14 ACA Presentation

John Weeks 7.24.14 Presentation

5.     ACA Billing Opportunities for CPMs

Date: August 14 2:00-3:30 pm ET (1.5 MEAC CEUs applied for)

Presenter: Marni Cabezas Skorupa, CPM, CEO Midwives Billing Service Inc.

Content: New opportunities for billing for CPMs with the Affordable Care Act


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Download Available:
Marnie Cabezas Skorupa 8.14.14 Presentation – Selected Slides

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