The Value of a Unified Voice
for Certified Professional Midwives


NACPM Launches State Chapters!
This year, NACPM is pleased to announce the launch of state chapters! Our purpose is to create a powerful and unifying voice for all Certified Professional Midwives. We hope to strengthen and support excellence in the profession and influence maternal health policy to ensure that all mothers and babies have a healthy start.

Why form an NACPM Pilot Chapter?
The promise of a National Association of Certified Professional Midwives is the creation of a unified voice for the profession, the model of care, and the benefits that accrue to women, babies and families from CPM care. Achieving our bold, shared goals of improving the maternity system and patient outcomes will require significant change at both the state and national levels.

States have authority over CPM licensing, scope of practice and governance. Federal agencies develop laws and policies guiding health care delivery, access, reimbursement and innovation that impacts CPMs at the state and local level. CPMs need an effective, coordinated structure to be most effective in enhancing our national influence and to support states in advancing midwifery care locally. There are many examples of the need for national/state partnerships, including:

  • Supporting licensure for CPMs in all 50 states
  • Achieving recognition of CPMs as primary maternity care providers who are integral to our maternity care system
  • Creating opportunities to increase and diversify the CPM workforce
  • Eliminating obstacles to payment and improvement reimbursement rates

While there are many shining examples among the states of well-organized and effective state associations, we still have much to do to create a unified voice for certified professional midwifery. A structure for relationships among the states, and between the states and a national professional association, is a significant missing piece in the development of direct-entry midwifery in the United States. Forming NACPM State Chapters and building a structure for these relationships are critical next steps in advancing the CPM profession.

Specifically, NACPM and State Chapters work together to:

  • Build a more cohesive, influential, diverse & effective CPM workforce
  • Empower, connect & support CPMs across the country
  • Influence national & state policy about the value of CPMs
  • Advocate for regulation that supports autonomous midwifery practice
  • Organize CPMs at national & state levels to promote effective public policy
  • Share success stories, best practices, resources & learnings
  • Provide educational opportunities
  • Increase public awareness about the importance of normal physiologic birth

What are the benefits of becoming a State Chapter?
NACPM is committed to supporting State Chapters by providing resources and tools for state leaders, as well as some financial and operational support. This includes:

  • Opportunities to share learnings via regular Chapter Leader Collaboration Calls
  • State leader toolkits (e.g., sample by-laws)
  • National and state level policy examples, data and position statements
  • Legislative, regulatory and technical assistance
  • One-time $500 gift per state to support start-up costs
  • $25 for each State Chapter member per year
  • Access to NACPM’s Directors and Officers insurance
  • Discounts on continuing education opportunities and events
  • Guidance regarding organizational structure, legal and tax responsibilities
  • Membership information collected through NACPM’s online portal
  • Option of creating a State Chapter webpage on NACPM’s website

We welcome your state’s participation in this exciting project to support CPMs and to increase CPM influence on the maternity care system.
If you are interested in becoming a State Chapter or learning more about our program, please contact us at today!