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2013-2014 NACPM Board Members

Ellie Daniels    Jamie A. Eidsath    Illysa Rene Foster    Kaye Kanne   
Tanya Khemet    Audrey Levine    Autumn Vergo

Ellie DanielsEllie Daniels, CPM

I am an apprentice trained midwife who has practiced for 32 years. I was called to midwifery by the unattended birth of my first child in 1978. I live and work with my life partner, Donna, who is also a CPM, in rural coastal Maine. Between us, we have six children and six grandchildren, four of whom were born at home with midwives.

I became a CPM and got involved with the national professional movement in the 1990’s. During those years, I also started teaching at Birthwise Midwifery School, and developed an interest in educating midwives. I served on the MEAC Board for 11 years, including 8 years as President, during which time I particularly focused on recruiting and developing the Board, achieving financial stability, building stronger relationships between the national midwifery organizations, strengthening and clarifying the Standards for Accreditation, and securing continuing recognition from the US Education Department.

During my tenure as MEAC President, we joined the coalition of national organizations working on the MAMA Campaign. I have served on the Steering Committee of the Campaign for three and a half years, primarily putting my energies toward the administrative tasks of organizational structure, including policies and procedures, fundraising, and financial management. It is my hope that the MAMA Campaign may serve as a sustainable model for future ongoing collaborations between the midwifery organizations.

Three years ago, I worked with a group of Maine midwives to pursue state licensure. I learned a tremendous amount about legislative work and advocacy, including giving testimony and building allies and supporters at all levels. Although our licensure effort was not successful, we did achieve a limited recognition to purchase and administer some midwifery medications. Since that time, I have been a central member of the Maine Association of CPMs, one of the first state chapters of NACPM.

I have been a supporter of NACPM since its inception, and have watched with admiration as it has emerged, sometimes under duress, as my true professional organization. At this point in time, it is exciting and inspiring to have attended the CPM Symposium, and witnessed so many of NACPM's seeds sprouting and taking root.

It is with careful consideration that I am putting myself forward to run for the NACPM Board. I believe I have many strengths and skills to offer to the work, and have carefully considered this service to be the next focus of my energies. As an actively practicing midwife and a player in the national policy work, I would be honored to have the opportunity to add to the efforts of NACPM to strengthen its role as a representative of our profession, an advocate for our practice, and a champion for safe, high quality, and cost-effective birth for mothers and babies across the country.


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