September 28

Birth Centers and Midwifery Care Improve Outcomes

A recent report on the effectiveness of midwifery care in birth outcomes, news on increased birth center reimbursements in WA State, and lots of fall webinars and events are all featured in this week’s newsletter. Read about all these developments here

September 20

Fall Webinar Lineup

Please join us this fall for webinars on Charting for Midwives (Part II), NACPM Vision and the Midwifery Landscape, Gender, Sexuality and Inclusion of all Families in Midwifery Practice, and more. Read the full newsletter here

September 12

Save the Date! CPM Symposium 2018!

May 11-13, 2018 William F. Bolger Center Potomac, Maryland You are invited to join a conversation about the urgent needs of childbearing people in the U.S., how CPMS can better serve families and increase access to midwifery care, and what stepping up to these needs means for the future of workforce composition, practice, education and.

June 30

ICM 2017 Report

The NACPM Delegation to the Triennial Congress of the International Confederation of Midwives participated in Council discussions, voted on position statements, joined the March for More Midwives and learned about midwifery issues around the world. Read the full report here

June 26

Senate Bill Proposes Deep Cuts to Medicaid – Call Your Senators Today!

Deep Concern for the Welfare of Childbearing People With the Senate’s release on June 22 of the Better Health Reconciliation Act of 2017, NACPM is deeply concerned for the health and well-being of childbearing people, babies and families in the United States.  We urge you to acquaint yourself with this bill and call your Senators today to ask them.

June 13

Florida Legislation Update, Alabama Bill Passes

2017 Florida Legislative Report by Sharon Hamilton, LM After many years of very little Legislative activity the midwives of Florida rallied to prevent the opening of their practice act, F.S. 467, during the 2017 Legislative Session. In October, 2016, the midwives were alerted to a District XII ACOG driven plan to open F.S. 467 with.

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