January 11

Happy New Year! More about webinars!

We have added another speaker to our 1/17 webinar on the Bridge Certificate. Also, please find a detailed description of the NACPM and MANA sponsored 2/21 webinar on neonatal mortality below: Read this week’s newsletter here

December 21

Understanding and Reducing Maternal Stress and Preterm Birth in Puerto Rico, 2018 Webinars

In the November 2017 NACPM webinar, RE:BIRTH: Navigating and Mediating Maternal Stress and Birth Outcomes in Pre- and Post-Hurricane Puerto Rico, Oregon State University researchers Holly Horan and Melissa Cheyney discussed their collaborative research that focuses on the relationship between perceived maternal stress and gestational age at delivery. Existing research hypothesizes an association between perceived.

December 12

CPM Symposium E-News

Our inaugural 2018 CPM Symposium enews went out recently. The planning team is seeking your input through a survey Please click through to access the survey

November 21

Reproductive Health and the LBGTQIA Community

The LGBTQIA community is as diverse as the country, and includes members of all races, ethnicities, religions and socioeconomic status, and yet the health needs of this community are frequently overlooked, often with dire consequences. This week’s newsletter presents the issue of LGBTQIA health, resources for health care providers as well as tomorrow’s webinar on.

November 16

Join Us for the 4th Virtual Annual Meeting!!!

Please join NACPM’s Board of Directors, staff and consultants for the 4th NACPM Virtual Annual Meeting on Friday, December 15th from 1:30-3:30 pm ET. The annual meeting is brought to you virtually to make participation available broadly to CPM members, students and stakeholders. Read more and register!

November 16

Spotlight on Midwifery Education and Accreditation

Read all about The Midwifery Accreditation Support Track (MAST) program, a collaboration between The Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC) and the Association of Midwifery Educators (AME). Read more about MAST as well as webinar offerings in this week’s newsletter

November 6

Chapter News

Greetings from the NACPM Chapter community! We have many exciting Chapter updates including our new Google+ community platform for connecting and resource-sharing among chapters, our anti-racism and equity chapter collaboration calls, and updates from several different states about the work they’re doing. Our chapter network is ever-growing, and the map below shows that in addition.

November 1

New Webinar Speakers Added!

Vanessa Caldari, BSN, CPM and Founder of Centro MAM will be joining the November 8 webinar on Maternal Stress and Birth Outcomes in Puerto Rico; Jamarah Amani, LM, will be speaking at the November 22 webinar on Gender, Sexuality and Inclusion. Read more about these presenters in this week’s newsletter

October 18

Puerto Rico – Webinar and Hurricane Relief

Puerto Rico – New Webinar Scheduled!  Puerto Rico is home to the highest rate of preterm birth in the entire United States jurisdiction. Learn how the severe and on-going economic crisis in Puerto Rico, the Zika epidemic, and the major natural disaster hurricane Maria have affected pregnant women’s daily lives and their birth outcomes in.

October 4

CPMs – A New Future is Emerging

The changing landscape for CPMs holds great promise. Rather than being diminished by current developments and changes, in fact, the opportunities for CPMs have never been greater: to serve more people, be more relevant to the changing needs and demographics of the childbearing population, be of more service in eliminating racial inequities in care, and.

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