October 14

Payment Reform in Maternity Care

Maternity care in the United States is unnecessarily expensive and does not produce the best results. Midwives know it and now leading experts in health care payment reform agree. But whether CPMs will be seen as part of the solution and whether CPMs are prepared to participate in the new payment reform models are open.

October 7

CPMs: Playing a Leading Role in the Development of Birth Centers in the U.S.

Congratulations to Amy Johnson-Grass – First CPM to Serve as President of the American Association of Birth Centers! The membership of the American Association of Birth Centers (AABC) has elected Amy Johnson-Grass, ND, LM, LN, CPM, President-Elect of the AABC. Johnson-Grass is the first Certified Professional Midwife to serve as President of the Association. As.

October 3

CPMs and State Licensure: Finding New Ways Forward in Today’s Environment

State licensure, combined with national certification, is essential to the future of CPMs. Twenty years after creation of the CPM credential, 24 of the 29 states that license direct-entry midwives recognize the CPM credential as a route to licensure. (see a state-by state chart here.) While there are many obstacles to achieving licensure in every.

September 23

Upcoming webinars: Zika Virus and CPM State Licensure

Please join us for webinars on Monday, September 26, 2016 and Thursday, October 6, 2016. The Monday webinar will feature a number of speakers on the Zika virus: how it affects the mother and fetus, how to manage patient care and more. On October 6 we will hear from CPMs in Maine, Kentucky and Illinois,.

September 19

Register Now for Zika: What Midwives Need To Know

Join us for a webinar with national experts and midwives in the field who are working to understand the Zika virus. Learn up-to-date guidance for midwives and other maternity care providers and find out how to access resources for yourself and your clients. Learn more and register for the webinar

August 31

Join us in Peterborough, NH on September 28

Please join us for a free presentation by NACPM Executive Director Mary Lawlor on September 28, 2016 from 6-7pm at the Peterborough Library on 2 Concord Street in Peterborough, NH. Mary will present “The Future Begins With the Way We Are Born.” Mary will share current trends and practices, a bright future vision, and the.

August 27

REGISTER NOW for MAMA Campaign Virtual Meeting

All stakeholders are invited to participate in a discussion of the current initiative to secure Medicaid reimbursement for all licensed CPMs. There will be a brief update on the direction and current status of the initiative to be followed by an open discussion of questions and concerns raised by stakeholders. We want to hear from.

August 9

ACOG Issues Revised Opinion on Home Birth

Read our most recent newsletter on ACOG’s newly revised Committee Opinion on Home Birth, which shows that while there is still no strong endorsement of home birth, nevertheless it is clear that the conversations and agreements that have emerged as a result of US MERA have had a positive impact on the national debate about.

May 23

Chapter News

Learn about our April in-person Board of Directors meeting, our newest NACPM Chapter and our recent Chapter Collaboration call. Read the full text of the newsletter here

May 3

Home Visits with NACPM

NACPM provides support for CPMs across the country through home visits. Executive Director Mary Lawlor writes about her meetings with CPMs, written comments on state legislation and conference calls to learn about and lend support to state efforts. Read on to learn more about how NACPM support benefits CPMs.