Board of Directors

audrey_levineNACPM Co -President
Audrey Levine, LM CPM, has been a licensed midwife in Olympia, Washington since 2001. She was the President of the Midwives’ Association of WA State (MAWS) from 2008-2012 and continues to serve on the MAWS Board as Chair of the Legislative Committee. She is a member of the Home Birth Summit Collaboration Workgroup that just released the “Best Practice Guidelines: Transfer from Planned Home Birth to Hospital” and is the Project Coordinator for Smooth Transitions, a quality-improvement initiative of the WA State Perinatal Collaborative to enhance the safety of planned out-of-hospital birth transports.

tanya_khemetNACPM Co-President
Tanya Khemet, CPM MPH, is a licensed midwife at a Federally Qualified Health Center in Sacramento, caring for low-income families in a multi-disciplinary setting. She comes from a family tradition of midwives, was trained at Seattle Midwifery School, and apprenticed with midwives in Seattle, Senegal and Jamaica. She joined NACPM in the fall of 2012 because of her commitment to bringing the midwifery model of care to the medically underserved and those at risk of poor birth outcomes.

autumn_vergoNACPM Secretary
Autumn Vergo, MSN, CNM, CPM, is in clinical practice in Keene, New Hampshire in a collaborative, hospital-based practice. She is NACPM’s Membership Team Leader, representative to the National Quality Forum, observer to the International Confederation of Midwives, and liaison to the Practice Committee.  Autumn is faculty at Birthwise Midwifery School and has practiced in birth centers, clinics, and homes since 2009.

kaye_kanneNACPM Treasurer
Kaye Kanne, CDM, CPM, is a licensed midwife and founder of the Juneau Family Health and Birth Center, a nonprofit organization in Juneau, Alaska, that provides a midwife clinic and birth center. She retired from the Juneau Family Health and Birth Center in 2014, and established Birth Center Foundations, a consulting business to help with all aspects of starting and maintaining birth centers. Kaye worked with the Alaska legislature to create a Board for Certified Direct Entry Midwives in 1992 and Medicaid coverage for CDM’s in 1993. She also served on the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers (CABC) for five years and is now an Accreditation Specialist with CABC. Mother of three and grandmother of four are always her favorite roles.


NACPM Board Members


ellie-daniels-Nov 2016

Ellie Daniels, CPM, founded Morningstar Midwifery in 1983 and continues in active home birth practice today. Ellie is on the faculty at Birthwise Midwifery School, and served on the Board for the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council for 12 years. She has worked tirelessly for licensure in Maine and on the federal MAMA Campaign since 2009, and was elected to the NACPM BOD in 2012.

Barbara D. Blot, CPM,LM, CPM, BSN, completed Midwifery School at Miami Dade College in 2001 and immediately began a Home Birth practice, working alongside several Midwives to gain knowledge and experience. In 2009, upon completing nursing school, Barbara expanded her skills and joined Dr. Spence in his OB/GYN practice as a Licensed Midwife/Registered Nurse. Barbara joined the Hollywood Birth Center in the summer of 2011, using her combined knowledge and skills as an RN and Licensed Midwife to fulfill many families’ desire for an empowering birthing experience.

jamie_eidsathJamie A. Eidsath, CPM, joined the board in 2013 to work with NACPM in opposing racism in midwifery and supporting CPM inclusion in state and national legislation. She is a partner at New Moon Midwifery, a homebirth practice in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Photo courtesy of Michelle Massey Barnes

Keisha_GoodeKeisha Goode, PhD, joined NACPM as the first appointed Public Member of the Board. She is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology at The State University of New York College. Her primary research area is Medical Sociology with specific attention to the medicalization of childbirth and the historical and contemporary complexities of black midwifery in the United States. She is completing a book proposal for the publication of her dissertation research, Birthing, Blackness and The Body: Black Midwives and Experiential Continuities of Institutional Racism.